mammayoga, barn leker

Vinyasa yoga with playarea

From 2017 we wil offer a Vinyasa class for mothers and caregivers with a playarea for the children 1 sunday a month.

Here the mothers/caregivers will be able to do yoga while the children play. We welcome children of all ages but the child has to be able to play independently. Mother/caregiver is responsible for her child.

One end of the yogaroom will be transformed into a playarea where the children can play during the yogaclass. While in savasana og relaxsation at the end of the class, the teacher reads a story for the children. Our instructors have worked many years in kindergardens and have a wide experience with children.


Hoffsveien 13, 0275 Skøyen. 3. floor


Sundays at 11:00 – 12:15 (1 sunday a month, follow our homepage/facebook for updates.)


230,- per class.