PRENATAL MASSAGE – we will not be offering this service after Dec.4th.2018

Now that you’re pregnant it is very important that you take care of yourself and the baby inside you. Prenatal massage is developed especially for the expectant mother. During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, and massage can help relieve some of the pains you get from the body’s shift in equilibrium like the pelvic area, back, neck and shoulders. The massage increases the blood circulation, and can also help reduce swollen arms and legs. Tender feet and legs as a result of fluid retention will be eased. Prenatal massage has a relaxing effect on both body and mind, and you will feel rested and ready for your new role in life. When the mother is happy and feeling well, the baby inside her will also feel good.

Prenatal massage fits all pregnant women from the 2nd trimester and until birth.

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Massage oil

The massage oil that we use is specially developed for pregnant women. It is mild and does not contain etheric oils. This ayurvedic formula contains naturally sweet almond, plant vitamins and nourishing Ceylonese herbs. The oil adds moisture to the skin, and protects it against dryness. Rice bran and avocado assist to improve overall skin tone, and wheatgerm and green olive smoothes and softens dry areas. Virgin coconut is a natural antioxidant which together with soya hydrates the skin, and helps reduce stretch marks and discoloration. The soothing aroma of almond milk helps you calm and balance the senses. Fits all skin types.

In addition to prenatal massage we offer both massage treatments for mothers and babies.



Prenatal massage 60 min – 950,-

Prenatal massage 90 min – 1.300,-

Practical information

Wellness etiquette and hygiene

Hygiene is important and increases wellness. A clean and newly showered body will help the skin absorb the carefully selected massage oils that are being used. You keep your underwear on for the massage. We recommend you to arrive early in order to assure a calm and relaxing start to your treatment.

Cancellation policy

If you are prevented from coming to your appointment please cancel within 24 hours before the start of the treatment. If not you will be invoiced the total fee. To cancel the appointment log in to your profile and cancel there. You should receive a confirmation e-mail, and the appointment should not be visible under “your schedule” anymore. If you do experience problems with this please contact us. The cancellation is not valid unless you have received the confirmation e-mail.