Prenatalyoga drop-in

We now offer drop-in classes in prenatal yoga every saturday at Majorstua. You can by cards for 4, 6 and 8 drop-ins or just buy 1 drop-in class. We recommend bying the cards since they offer a little discount on each class. For the drop-in classes you have to sign up online. The prenatal drop-in classes are on moderat level and suit every trimester. These classes are meant as a supplement to our courses. In our courses we have a lot more time to introduce the breathing techniques and birth-preparations than in the drop-in classes.

Drop-in times: 

Saturdays 11:00-12:15 in Majorstua.

To sign up you have to log in to your profile, go to store and choose the drop-in card you want. Then you can reserve your spot by clicking on the  klasser og eventer tab and choose the week you want to attend.

Prices for drop-in: 

1 class – kr 270,-

4 classes – kr 1.000,-

6 classes – kr 1.500,-

8 classes – kr 2.000,-