Nutritional therapy

 Nutritional Therapists apply nutrition science by investigating your diet, lifestyle, symptoms, genetics and health history. Nutritional Therapy investigates your biochemical uniqueness and gives a tailored personalised nutrition program based on your needs, rather than giving a ‘one size fit all’ advice.  Nutritional therapy can support you with problems such as:

–       Digestive complaints

–       Poor immune system

–       Compromised detoxification

–       Hormonal imbalances

–       Weight Management

–       Problems with muscle and joints

–       Stress and lifestyle issues

It is important to consider how your body will change and need different building blocks from pregnancy to having a toddler. During this period nutritional therapy can support you:


–       Fatigue

–       Poor Sleep

–       Hormonal imbalance

–       Stress

–       Changes in skin, nail and hair quality such as btittle nails, dry skin and stretch marks.

–       Feeling nausea

–       Migraine and headaches

–       Gastrointestinal issues such as reflux, diarrhoea and constipation

–       Prenatal nutrition can help prevent lifestyle diseases for your baby later on in life

New Mum

–       Nutrition can affect breastfeeding through having an effect on milk supply; to having an affect on the baby’s wellbeing (for example if the baby suffer from colic or reflux).

–       Hormonal imbalance after delivery can affect your sense of wellbeing; nutrition can help you get back in balance.

–       Thyroid issues:  Some women may experience issues with their thyroid gland after delivery of their baby. Nutritional therapy can help with supporting the function of the thyroid gland.

–       Weight Management

–       Stress managment

 Baby and Kids

–       Baby food- do you wonder when it is safe to introduce food; need to know what to serve; or acquire some advice on food-hacks? Mari can advice you what may work for you and your baby.

–       Recurrent ear and airways infections may have a root cause in allergies and poor immune system

–       Strengthening of the immune system

–       Colic

–       Eczema

–       Gastrointestinal problems in children

–       Food allergies and intolerances

First time consultation 

Prior to the first consultation, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire and food diary. During the first consultation we will discuss how your symptoms, diet, lifestyle, genetics and health history affects your body both biochemically, physically and emotionally. Based on this we will discuss lifestyle and diet changes that works for you. You will be given a health plan to bring home.

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Length: 60 min

Price: 900,-

Follow-up consultation 

Based on how you feel, but typically after 3-6 weeks you will book in for a follow up session where we discuss your progress and fine-tune your program.

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Length: 60 min

Price: 900,-