MamaTummy 1st. Consultation

At the 1st. consultation we will check your stomach, and measure a possible diastasis recti. We help you find the right activation of your deep abdominal and core muscles, and test this in different positions. Based on what you need to work on, we put together an exercise program with simple and effective exercises for you to do at home.

Length: 50 min Price: 850, –

MamaTummy Follow-up Sessions

At the follow up sessions, we test the progress of the exercises you have done at home. We also add new exercises to increase control of the deep muscles.

Length: 30-40 min Price: 560,-

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Our therapists are certified MammaMage instructors.

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trening etter fødsel, mammamage, mammatrening, kjernetrening, kjerne, morogbarntrening