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Have you checked if your stomach muscles are still split after birth? Do you feel like your stomach is just hanging there like a piece of dough? Do you feel a lack of contact and control of your stomach muscles?

What is MamaTummy?

During pregnancy the stomach muscles are stretched to make room for the growing baby. A mamatummy is a stomach where the muscles have not recovered back to their optimal function, and have a poor interaction with the other muscles in the area, such as the pelvic floor muscles, back muscles and diaphragm. It becomes difficult to create tension in the core, and to connect the right and left body halves. You feel weak in your stomach, and it may feel like your stomach hangs out without control. The stomach both feels and looks different than before pregnancy. The stomach may also feel sore when touched and in some cases show a  bump along the middle of the stomach when bending backwards, which looks like a pyramid.

A mamatummy may have a separation of the abdominal muscles, a so-called diastasis recti, but it does not need to. Low control in the stomach can lead to many ailments, similar to low control in the pelvic floor muscles.

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Split abdominal muscles – diastasis recti

During pregnancy, the long straight abdominal muscles are divided to make room for the growing stomach. At 35 weeks all pregnant women have a separation of these muscles, although for some it happens earlier. After birth the muscles usually grow back together within 6-8 weeks. For some moms it takes longer, and for others it doesn’t happen by itself. By doing the right exercises, this separation can be reduced, and increased control and strength in the stomach region can be regained.