MamaCore is a course suitable for anyone who wants to get in touch with, and exercise the core muscles. The course is based on “MammaMage” principles of retraining the deep stomach muscles after birth. The exercises that are done are calm and simple, focusing on reconnecting to the core in a functional way. The course is equally suitable for moms who have just given birth, as it is for moms who has grow up children. Even if you have never been pregnant, you can also benefit greatly from these exercises that strengthen the body from the inside out.

Through pregnancy, the core muscles become stretched and loaded more than usual and therefore need to regain its power after birth. If we have weak core muscles, the body will have to compensate by using other muscles, which can lead to injuries. A weak core can also cause problems such as hernia,  pelvic floor prolapse, incontinence and back problems.

The course includes excerises to do at home every day between each class. These exercises are important for you to do in order to follow the progression of the course.The course runs over 6 weeks and is held by certified MammaMage instructors. Your baby is very welcome to join the classes.

The difference between this course and postnatal yoga is that we only work with the pelvic floor and deep stomach muscles. At postnatal yoga we also include other exercises that are great for new moms. The courses supplement each other and we therefor recommend you to attend both.

It is not possible to retrieve lost classes at this course, but you will receive exercises for you to do at home every week.

We now offer both MamaCore Step 1 and Step 2. We recommend everyone to start with Step 1.

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