Postnatal yoga drop-in

We are now offering a new and exciting opportunity for those who want to try postnatal yoga. In the spring of 2018 some of our classes are open for drop-in! Please note that you must sign up in advance and that drop-in is solely sold online. You sign up for the desired class through your profile. The class will be at a level to suit all levels. The main focus will be on training the core and pelvic floor muscles after birth. However, we will also focus on breathing, relaxation and agility, as well as softening stiff neck and shoulders that can be associated with breastfeeding and carrying your baby. The class will be a mix of calm and more active exercises. The instructor will customize the exercises according to the group’s needs.

You can sign up for drop-in on the following dates:

New date will be published soon

Drop-in price:  kr 300,-