Babywearing with dance

Babywearing with dance is a fun dance class for both parent and child. Your baby is your dance partner, and you will both enjoy the time together. Dance, rhythm and movement is part of our nature. We use it when we engage with the babies, be it during playtime or nighttime when we try to calm them. It helps us bond with the babies.

Babywearing with dance is a great way of introducing music of various genres to your baby. We will dance to different kinds of music, all the way from Bollywood to pop music.

Babywearing with dance will strengthen the ties between parent and child, endorfines are released, and through easy dance moves the core muscles will also be strengthened.

Note that this is not a cardio class, but a low impact class where we focus on the baby, wellbeing and the joy of dancing. It is a good place to start getting into movement after the birth.

You need a carry sling or shawl for your baby. No previous dance experience is needed.

The babies should be 2 months old or more.

Pregnant mammas to be are also welcome.

The class is led by dance teacher Stacey Rasch-Olsen.

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Practical information


July 26th

 11:00 – 11:45


Neuberggata 5b, Majorstua